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CHICAGO BLUE is a commissioned painting featuring an explosion of colors and shapes. Treg’s artistic creativity in this original Acrylic painting really hits the ‘wow factor’. The painting’s blaze of vigorously juxtaposed colors and structures depict the dazzling and radiant Chicago skyline. The use of balanced and vibrant paint colors reflects the electric feelings the city elicits 24/7. Treg used a lot of tape and glue as he carefully placed each building and then painted on the canvas. The simple squares and rectangles that reach high above the horizon line, silhouette famous buildings recognizable in the bright blue skyline of Chicago. CHICAGO BLUE is a painting close to Treg’s heart because of his having spent many times visiting that wonderful ‘town’. Treg has created a painting that effervesces with the rich, jazzy, full glow of Chicago.

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Treg Miller | Custom

Acrylic on canvas
44 X 44

Privately owned: Chicago, IL

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