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Treg Miller (b. 1970, South Bend, Indiana) is a renowned visual artist, and professional PGA golf instructor. As an artist, his work locates creativity at the intersection of humans, happiness and the world around us. Taking in the data of our daily surroundings as primary material, Miller offers radical visualizations of our experiential memories and expands the possibilities of the arts, architecture, narrative, and the body in motion. From Miller’s site-specific public art works in McKinney, Texas to his commissioned paintings on canvas sold privately all over the world, Miller’s works take many forms, while encouraging us to rethink our engagement with the physical world, our collective experience, and the potential power of machines in the future.


Miller’s contemporary modern art style is abstract, bold and rich in color. He sees the world as a collection of colors and shapes. Miller’s art features paper, foam and wood precisely cut and sculpted onto canvas or wood panels. Hard edge lines are created by using a pencil, ruler, tape, and glue. This allows Miller to capture two dimensional work on a flat surface. Miller is attracted to everyday objects and the vast physical geography of America. Miller was raised in the Midwest, moved to the west coast as a teenager in California, went to college both in Texas to play golf and California to study art and after his marriage moved to Montana where they raised their two daughters. During his time in Montana Miller decided to pick up the paintbrush more often than a golf club (although he has used his clubs to make art). The big skies of Montana enabled Miller to find joy in painting ordinary everyday objects in bright and bold colors that focus primarily on the line and shape of things. Miller moved back to Texas to find a bigger audience for his art.


Umbrella Gallery, Solo Art Show: GLOW 

April 27, 2024

Collector House, Inc. & Maddrey PLLC  COLOR:

A curated Art Exhibition 2019

Ma Fille Art Gallery, Nature Transformed 2019

ESMoA, EAT 2019

Attic Gallery Featured Artist Exhibition 2012

Loft at Liz's Gallery, Vibrant Color Art Show 2009

Traveling Artist Bra Expedition, Hockaday Museum of Art  2009

Cisco Home, Duo Art Show 2008

Crustacean Restaurant 2008

Santa Monica Art Fair 2007

Deep Ellum: Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX

El Seguno, CA

Los Angeles, CA 

Kalispell, MT

Los Angeles, CA 

Beverly Hills, CA

Santa Monica, CA

Scottsdale, AZ


House Dallas: Awaken Creativity Visual Artist - Leader 2019 -2021

TACA: The Arts Community Alliance  2018 - 2020

Art House Dallas Leaders 2019

Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX

Visual Arts Grant Panelist Volunteer

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