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TEN WORDS series paintings are uniquely contemporary portrayals of the Ten Commandments as given to Moses by God in the Old Testament.  The idea to present the familiar “Thou shalt …” words in a creative way came to Treg while traveling country roads in Montana where signs featuring all Ten Commandments line the highways. Treg noticed that it was clearly impossible to read that many words on one sign before passing by. That gave Treg the idea to simplify the presentation without compromising the guiding messages meant for man’s good.  Treg has created ten separate paintings that each proclaim one of the commandments using just a few bold words in white, black and red letters.  Viewed singly or as a whole, the paintings both startle and impact while communicating the age-old wise words of love delivered to protect humanity’s hearts and souls.


Treg Miller, 2006
acrylic on canvas
48 X 60



Treg Miller

Acrylic on canvas 
Individual  painting |10 X 14 
Limited edition available for sale

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