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My POWER Series brings to light that the world we live in needs more color on our everyday objects. I hope you are energized by my POWER Series of paintings. Because my mind and eyes are ‘wired’ to pick out the shapes of every-day objects that are right in front of us, I’ve created dynamic depictions of Electric Boxes. The Electric Boxes’ features of rectangles, squares and circles create unique patterns that appeal to me as an artist.  Painted with brilliant luminous colors on canvas, now those ordinary, not-so-attractive gray metal Electric Boxes are transformed with merely the simplicity of bold colors and lines. 

Using my ruler, tape and glue, I strategically drew the patterns of the Electrical meters and panels on the canvas.  To lead the viewer’s eye to wander around the painting, I then created in vivid hues, targets, lines and checkered patterns using intense colors for each piece.  Separately, my three pieces that incorporate authentic Meter Covers were mounted on painted black and white striped wooden boards and are meant to ‘pop’ with electricity.  I recycled my ball of tape and used-paint tubes by strategically molding and placing them inside two of the round Meter Covers.  The third Meter Cover piece has small cut and painted wooden rectangles, squares and circles placed inside.


“The world we live in needs more color on our everyday objects”

Power Grid_edit copy.jpg


Treg Miller


Acrylic on canvas 

44” x  44”

Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center 


Treg Miller

Oil, acrylic and wood on canvas 
60" x 48"

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