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Why am I an artist? Empowered by the opportunity to positively impact others’ happiness, I moved my family from California to Montana in 2005. After twelve years as a successful PGA Teaching Professional, I found myself at a crossroads, seeking increased desire to bring more to the world around me. It was in Montana where I found inspirational change from the swing of a golf club to the stroke of a paintbrush. I was energized by having the opportunity to go after the unknown by adding color, depth, and texture to everyday objects. I am empowered by visualizing lines, shapes, angles, and organic composition to a raw blank canvas. After entering and winning a local art competition in Bigfork, Montana, my heart raced with the possibility of becoming a full-time artist. After this event in 2006, I devoted my time to developing my skill and technique to become a thriving artist. Over the years, I have created original artwork for homes, galleries, and businesses. Each day, my heart pumps with excitement as I enter my studio in Dallas, Texas to create art that captures your heart. 

Collector House, Inc. & Maddrey PLLC  COLOR:

A curated Art Exhibition 2019

Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX

El Seguno, CA

Los Angeles, CA 

Kalispell, MT

Los Angeles, CA 

Beverly Hills, CA

Santa Monica, CA

Scottsdale, AZ

Community Involvement

 Art House Dallas Leaders 2019

Dallas, TX

TACA: The Arts Community Alliance  2018-present:

Visual Arts Grant Panelist Volunteer

Dallas, TX



1808 S. Good Latimer Expy
Dallas, TX . USA 75226

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